What You Can Do To Make Your Voice Heard: If you believe that the current damages system (Rule 289’) is appropriate and you oppose the Samsung appeal question, then we would like you to be a signatory on the Design Professionals Petition supported by hundreds of other leading design professionals.

What is A Petition? It is simply a written document signed by an individual or a group of individuals who are not a party to the lawsuit or case but who believe that the court’s decision may affect their interest.

Who Authored the Original Amicus Brief and The Petition? A team of leading attorneys and design patent experts including the author of this summary, Charles L Mauro CHFP and current Chair of the IDSA Design Protection Section, authored the filed amicus brief and organized this petition. This same group filed a prior amicus brief in Samsung’s last appeal to the Federal Circuit.

Who Is Paying For Production of The Brief and The Petition? The production of the brief and petition was undertaken entirely without compensation from Apple or any other funding party or professional organization. The cost of drafting the final amicus was donated by MauroNewMedia and Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP.

What Signing The Petition Means: Being a signatory on the petition does not bind you in any way legally or otherwise. Signing the petition says to the court that you support the contents of the amicus brief, which simply means that you support Apple’s position in the case and most important, that you support retention of the current law as written.

How You Can Sign The Petition Now: You can become a signatory on the Petition simply by clicking the button below and then providing your name, position, professional affiliation and email (all are required). Please note that you will be signing as an individual and that the listing of your company or academic affiliation is for identification only.